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Before its official announcement, a leak revealed its existence Our last part I, a remake of the beloved Naughty Dog game. Now, history repeats itself, as images and videos of this new work have recently started circulating, Which gives new information about this long-awaited title for PS5.

Recently, a user known as ImBald shared a series of images from The Last of Us Part I on ResetEra, Which gives us a chance to see more about the visual style and improvements That will be in this chapter.

Along with this, a video of one of the most important scenes of the entire game has been leaked, and if you want to watch it, here You can do it. Apart from this, new information about the remake has been shared. Initially, it was indicated that the title would support VRR and have two game modes: One will run in 4K and 40fps and the other with dynamic 4K resolution at 60fps.

Similarly, it is noted that multiple accessibility options such as The Last of Us Part II, And some details like being able to see Joel change weapons. However, the most interesting part of the information is what the leak indicates The gameplay level of the remake will not improveBut everything will be focused on the audio and visual aspects.

Let’s remember that this is just a leak, so this information should not be taken as a complete guarantee. We’ll have to wait for Naughty Dog or PlayStation to share official information. We remind you that Our last part I It will arrive on PS5 on September 2nd with a PC version in the future. On related topics, here you can check out more comparisons between the original work and the remake. Similarly, The Last of Us series premiere window has been revealed.


Editor’s note:

This remake looks great. Both video and images make it clear that visual enhancements are important. However, the information shared by the leak about the gameplay may disappoint many. We can only wait for the official details.

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