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Leica goes to the second round with its own smartphone. The Leitz phone has received a successor to the Leitz Phone 2 since last year. However, there is no change in the recipe. Again, a smartphone from Sharp (Aquos R7) serves as the technical base, but the case seems to have been slightly modified.

Before you pull out your wallet: Like the first Leitz phone, the Leitz Phone 2 is sold exclusively in Japan, although Leica is a traditional German manufacturer and even The device is heavily advertised in this country. Sharp Aquos R7 is also not available in Germany

Leitz Phone 2 Specifications

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • 12GB RAM, 512GB storage, microSD
  • 6,6 Zoll, IGZO OLED, 2.730 x 1.260 pixels
  • 5.000 mAh Akku, Android 12

The highlight of the Leitz Phone 2 is definitely the camera. The main sensor of the rear wide-angle camera has a resolution of 47.2 MP and a diagonal of 1 inch, which is still a rarity in the industry. On the software side, Leica emulates the classic look of its popular lenses. A second sensor next to the main camera probably collects depth information for artificial bokeh when taking portraits.

With a focal length of 19mm, the lens offers breathtaking views and great freedom in image composition. Thanks to the aperture of 1.9 in combination with the large image sensor, the Leitz Phone 2 achieves images with a high dynamic range and low image noise – even in low ambient light. And with the selfie camera’s 6x digital zoom and continuously adjustable 8x digital zoom, the potential uses of the Leitz Phone 2 are as versatile and flexible as the moments captured with it.

Also, Leitz Phone 2’s proprietary software engine brings the typical “Leica look” to smartphone photography. It builds on the Leitz look based on three iconic M lenses: the Summilux 28 for imposing shots at the heart of the action, the Summilux 35 for everyday and street art photography and the Noctilux 50, ideal for its extreme open aperture of 1.2. Blurry Leica captures portraits and shots with bokeh.

12 Leitz Phone 2 Highre Rgb

Even before the Leitz phone, Leica was an integral part of the smartphone industry. After all, the company is one of the first camera makers to collaborate with a smartphone maker, Huawei. Meanwhile, Leica has entered into a collaboration with Xiaomi.

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