Lenovo and Motorola are developing several rollable devices



Notebooks and smartphones with rollable displays

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What comes after the foldable smartphone? Clearly the future will be rollable, as more and more manufacturers are introducing corresponding prototypes. Lenovo and Motorola have now teased their own rollable devices. Two rollout products were shown at Lenovo Tech World 2022.

is Lenovo as well as Motorola Not a new player in the foldable market. Both manufacturers are offering the respective products from 2022 onwards. While Motorola focuses on the smartphone market with the Razr, Lenovo offers a Windows foldable with the ThinkPad X1. The latter recently received a new version. Both providers are now going one step further: as part Lenovo Tech World 2022 Just didn’t become one Rollable smartphonebut one rollbars notebook to show

In both cases, the display can be easily enlarged if needed. However, the screen is not as tall and wide as the LG Rollable. This should make significantly more compact devices possible without a large panel. It is the poled display of the rollable smartphone when rolled up 4 inches Huge. For example, when playing a 16:9 video, the scrollable unrolls to the appropriate aspect ratio. Maximum diagonal is here 6.5 inches.

It remains to be seen when Motorola will release its first final product with a rollable display. Several manufacturers like Oppo, LG and TLC have already shown rollable prototypes. Until now, however, there was not a purchasable product. Lenovo’s rollable notebook, which can expand greatly in height, is just as exciting. Little is known about it at this point.


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