Lenovo launches ThinkCentre Neo series desktops in India


Lenovo today launched its latest range of ThinkCentre Neo desktops for businesses and large organizations. The product line includes an All-in-One (AIO) model as well as two desktop tower PCs as well. Thus, corporates can choose between going compact with an AIO or only opting in for a minimal system that can work with multiple displays.

Lenovo’s latest product line consists of the ThinkCentre Neo 50s and 50t desktop PCs. The systems are microATX and mid-tower builds respectively. The ThinkCentre 30a 24 is an AIO system with a 23.8-inch display integrated into the same premium chassis.

As a line of products that focuses more on businesses, large corporates and enterprises, the ThinkCentre products continue to include many of the add-on security features. Similar to many of the business laptops that Lenovo makes, you’ll see the signature terrazzo finish on the products.

(Image credit: Lenovo)

The pricing and availability of the products are unknown at this time. However, if you wish to purchase them for your organization, you can reach out to your respective sales teams.

ThinkCentre Neo Desktops specifications

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