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Lenovo is going to surprise us with a new smartphone like never seen before, and no, we are not talking about the usual high-performance mobile phone with a monotonous design. In fact, in addition to having Motorola’s ideas as a base, it seems that this new phone has added some not-so-bad innovations specifically dedicated to it. What will they be?

Lenovo set to launch 2 Motorola-based smartphones: Here's what they'll look like - Rumors
This new mobile will blow our minds – Computermagazine.it

A new smartphone from Lenovo and Motorola?

Lenovo’s new mobile will be called “Thinkphone“, and it is talking about 91 mobile experts who argue that it could be a variant of the Motorola Bronco, codenamed XT-2309, which will soon be available as the flagship Edge 40. The source also shared a picture of the device, but unfortunately it is of very low quality. In any case we can see the “ThinkPhone” logo in the lower right corner.

But what can we say about society in particular? Nothing is better. We all know that the company was never very successful despite the acquisition Motorola Obviously, unfortunately, even that didn’t work, but nothing stopped him from going ahead with his idea: the brand still decided to focus on the brand it had just bought and reduced Lenovo smartphones to a minimum.

The birth of the think device

Lenovo set to launch 2 Motorola-based smartphones: Here's what they'll look like - Rumors
We are really interested in studying it thoroughly – Computermagazine.it

And although they have not completely disappeared from the market, let’s say that there is no real structured and clear range. Recently, listen, he’s had some success with the idea of ​​bringing one of his most popular brands to mobile. pc worldThat’s Legion dedicated to gaming products, competing directly with smartphones like the ASUS ROG Phone and Xiaomi Black Shark.

Its real goal, however, is to bring back the Think brand as we know it when it was born in 1992 IBM The first laptop of the Thinkpad line was presented to the world, with some special features that would later become part of the identity of the range: black body, very simple shape and above all TrackPoint, a small joystick inserted into the keyboard that allows you to control the mouse pointer.

Lenovo, a few years later, acquired IBM’s PC division in 2005, and has since been involved in the evolution and expansion of the Think monicker, which now includes ThinkServer and ThinkSystem servers, ThinkStation workstations, and even ThinkVision displays. Aside from its history, we don’t know how to tell you More details In this strange smartphone, however, it is certain that it will be a remarkable device and, perhaps, will not be forgotten as easily as we believe.

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