LinkedIn adds new event engagement options, simplified ‘repost’ process


LinkedIn seeks to provide more engagement options, including new ones, to build on record levels of user activity Comment and comment reply option on the event pageAnd a New ‘repost’ optionLinkedIn provides another way to expand updates.

First, Event Comment – Based on event engagement, LinkedIn is now introducing more comment engagement options within LinkedIn events, to encourage thematic discussion and engagement.

As you can see in this example, now, in the Comments tab of a LinkedIn event, you can connect with participants before, during and after the session, when you can reply to specific comments in-stream.

Explained by LinkedIn:

“You can comment or respond directly to the feed’s event post or event page.” The Comments Tab comments will not create notifications for event participants. To invite people into the conversation, you can Mention them in your comments. “

The option is designed to capitalize on the engagement of LinkedIn events, With The app is generating over 24,000 events per week. LinkedIn has recently expanded its streamlined ‘boost’ advertising option to include LinkedIn events, giving users another way. Expand their LinkedIn event list.

This can be a great way to promote your event as well as encourage topical discussions.

The option is in the process of being launched, with some users now seeing in-stream advanced comment options.

LinkedIn has added a new, simplified ‘repost’ option to the ‘Share’ menu, making LinkedIn updates even easier.

LinkedIn repost

As you can see in this example, shared by a social media expert Matt NavaraSoon, when you tap the ‘Share’ prompt, you’ll see a new ‘repost’ option, which will enable you to share without adding any comments (currently your only option).

This will make job opportunities easier, for example, while it will also help streamline the app’s engagement by reducing users’ responsibility to add their own commentary to each re-segment.

This can be problematic though.

In 2019, Chris Wetherel, who invented the ‘retweet’ option on Twitter, said he was Regret for the retreat featureAfter seeing how it can be used to spread criticism and negative feedback.

Speaking about his perception during the 2014 Gamergate incident, Weatherle noted that:

“It simply came to our notice then [people] Reputation damage brigade on someone they don’t like. Ask anyone who was the target at the time, retweets helped get a false picture of a person out there faster than they could react. We did not build a defense for it. We just made an offensive line. “

That mechanics can be similar to LinkedIn, where a negative post can damage someone’s professional reputation by re-posting, and can be even more widespread if users need to add their own feedback.

LinkedIn is not used in the same way as Twitter, but despite the obvious job opportunities and similar posting benefits of the app, it still seems like a risk.

Either way, this will be another tool to consider when repost metrics are being created in your LinkedIn updates,

LinkedIn’s repost option is coming soon, now an initial release is underway.

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