LinkedIn publishes new overviews of the top marketing and advertising workplaces


Want to take your digital marketing career to the next level?

It might help – this week, LinkedIn has Has released the 2022 list of the top 25 companies in the marketing and advertising sectorWhich ranks in the leading workplace for a career growth in the industry.

To choose the top companies, there is LinkedIn Analyzed a range of on-platform data componentsIncluding retention and loss, opportunities for advancement, promotion, upskilling and much more.

As you can see here, for each of the listed companies, LinkedIn has shared notes about the needs and competencies of those companies, including links to relevant LinkedIn learning courses for those who want to improve their hiring prospects.

Such as LinkedIn:

“You can also explore open jobs and people you know in the company. If you see a company that seems right to you, follow their company page or turn on job alerts to stay on top of future opportunities. ”

The top 10 organizations are a collection of well-known names in the sector, and it is convenient to see what skills and qualifications they are currently looking for, which can help you keep your feet on the door.

LinkedIn Top Company 2022

There may also be things you didn’t consider that could expand your horizons in your career planning and research.

And with some 55% of Americans want to change jobs In terms of epidemics, undoubtedly a lot of people will be interested in this new data and how it can help increase their chances.

If you’re looking for more insight, LinkedIn has also published a list of top employers Financial services, Media and entertainment, Health care, Technology and information, Travel and hospitality, Retail, Consumer goods And Accommodation.

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