LinkedIn shares new insights into the rise of remote job postings [Infographic]


If it is not a sign of the times.

LinkedIn is there this week Has shared some new data in remote job postingsAnd the difference between this year and the end of the year.

And here are some amazing statistics – the introduction of ‘technology, media and information’ is not a big push, as many online and IT-related jobs can now be managed remotely. But ‘real estate’?

Also, look at the emergence of remote job options in the ‘education’ sector. Many of these, you might guess, are related to higher education, not teaching among young people. But it is clear that many, many industries are now going through a distant work revolution, and more businesses, in turn, will have to offer distant roles to ultimately recruit the best talent.

This is an interesting consideration for the future of the work. See the latest information from LinkedIn List belowWhile LinkedIn shared more insights about this trend Here.

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