LinkedIn: The secret to flipping your profile, you’ll become a professional



By now LinkedIn can be considered a real social network, and no longer a simple bulletin board for employers and job seekers. There is a secret to deface your profile and make it look truly professional, follow these steps

In addition to the classic social network that everyone knows Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, new realities are emerging in recent years that are good to follow in order not to fall behind the times. One of them undoubtedly LinkedInBorn in the early years as a job search service (or for new employees) and which has become a real sharing platform with the business changes adopted by the company.

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LinkedIn (unflash)

This is why it is important to have a profile that is as accurate and professional as possible, in order to make winning connections with other people. And above all effective, because useful collaborations and unique proposals often come thanks to contacts added to LinkedIn. There are certain strategies that should be followed Have a virtually perfect account!

LinkedIn, here are the tricks to having a professional profile

LinkedIn It has become an important showcase Personal campaign. A word that can be seen, means a world. That is, the possibility of promoting yourself, as if you were to bring out a brand and advertise yourself. That’s why it’s good to follow some strategies to take care of the smallest details of every element of the account, to present yourself at your best and to gain new connections.

LinkedIn 20221215
LinkedIn (unflash)

The first thing, which is the first thing that catches other people’s attention, is selection A profile picture It’s as high quality as possible with good lighting and a neutral background. Avoid selfies or group photos. Then it goes summary, which appears immediately under the name and surname and consists of a few summary lines. You can insert a slogan or your quirk/passion.

Basic ingredients Work experience. As with a good CV, we recommend that you include only those that are most relevant to what you want to do, with a description to back up the activities performed. Same speech for training, especially if you’ve got awards or ratings to highlight. Finally there is summary, a kind of summary where you can enter some information that you could not specify before. Another important element is reference, which you can make public. Other users, perhaps those you know and have worked/studied with, will confirm them.


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