Looking for the cheapest 512GB SSD laptop? We tracked it down


KUU Xbook laptop – $450 $289 from Gearbest
The Xbook stands out from its peers thanks to its Intel Celeron J4115 processor and seriously smart aesthetic. It also features 8GB RAM, a 512GB SSD and Windows 10 Pro. Use coupon code I5375A1339DEB001 at checkout to activate the discount.View Deal

Chinese manufacturer KUU has appeared on our radar repeatedly since the beginning of 2020, most recently with the Xbook (which we reviewed).

The firm currently has five laptops available at a similar price point: the K1, K2, Kbook Pro, Kbook and Xbook. They all come with 8GB of RAM and a up to 512GB SSD, providing enough memory and storage to run Windows 10 Pro (the OS bundled with these laptops) adequately.

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