Looks like Wii and DSi stores are back


You know, shop some time ago Wee y DSI They stop working altogether, either when trying to add points to a purchase or even trying to download a previously purchased title. However, this has changed recently, as some of these functions have been restored for the enjoyment of different users.

It’s worth cleaning up a bit about the stores, since absolutely nothing can be bought, it applies between two consoles, tabletop and portable. All you can do is download previously purchased programs, so it’s time to insert an SD card to store all possible video games.

Currently, other stores are continuing that work Nintendo 3DS y We will, Where you can still buy the classic title, but the problem is that only prepaid cards are supported. And it’s worth noting that this method will no longer be available next August, thus making it impossible to buy again.

In related news, there is a way to continue shopping 3ds y We will Without buying a prepaid card, it is a method that has existed for a long time, but has not received enough attention. If you would like to know more about this, we invite you to click on the following LinkEspecially if you miss things to buy.

Via: Nintendo Life


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