Loupedeck Live review



The Loupedeck Live is a beautiful thing. Without even an iota of information about what it does, its fulfils my need for more mechanical, tactile gadgets on my desktop. But it’s not only something you’d want perched on the corner of your mouse mat to look the part of professional creative, it also serves a range of purposes that can help you achieve that goal. From acting shortcut bar in Photoshop to MIDI controller in Ableton, the Loupedeck Live offers a flexible way to customise how you interact with your PC.

The Loupedeck Live is a PC multi-tool—that’s simply the best way I could think to explain it in relatively broad strokes. The closest analogue in the gaming sphere is the Elgato Stream Deck, the popular streaming tool I’m a keen fan of, or even just the humble keyboard macro key. They all achieve something close to the same goal: allowing you to program in a shortcut for an application that would be tedious, distracting, or otherwise impractical to do manually.


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