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The Luxli Timpani² which has just been announced at NAB 2022 is a follow-up to the original Timpani that I reviewed way back in August 2018. The Timpani² shares a lot of traits with the original fixture, however, Luxli has made the light sturdier and stronger and they have increased the output, all while keeping the same power draw.

The original Luxli Timpani was one of the first 1×1 RGBW panel lights and when it was launched it was priced at under $1,000 USD, which at the time, made it very affordable, especially considering the light was made in Norway.

Luxli has garnered a strong reputation over the last 3-4 years with some very good offerings. All of the Luxli lights I have reviewed on the site have been excellent. All of Liuxli’s lights are named after musical instruments. A Timpani is a type of drum, that consists of a membrane called a head, stretched over a large bowl traditionally made of copper.

The Luxli Timpani² 1×1 RGBAW uses a 672 RGBAW LED array, and offers countless creative lighting options for professionals that require standard color temperature adjustability and color tuning across the RGB spectrum. So what exactly is RGBAW? The “A” and “W” in RGBAW stand for amber and white, 2800K and 5600K color temperature LED’s, respectively. The Timpani² mixes the output of these two LEDs to ensure what the company claims create an exact color temperature in CCT mode and accurate color reproduction in Gel mode.

In a nice touch, every Timpani fixture ships with its own photometrics calibration results. These tests are done by the manufacturer but don’t worry, I have done my own independent test which you can see further down in the article.

Size & Weight

Luxli Timpani 2

The Timpani² looks lighter than it actually is. At 4.4 kg / 9.14 lb (including the power supply) it is almost 1 kg heavier than the original Timpani (3.15 kg (6.96 lb). The light itself weighs 3 kg / 6.61 lb and the power supply weighs 1.4 kg / 3.08 lb.

Luxli Timpani 2 15

It is also quite a bit thicker than the original. Its depth is 3.5″ / 7.62 cm, whee as the original Timpani was just 1.4″ /3.5 cm. Most RGBW fixtures are large and heavy because they require a lot more cooling than a traditional LED light.

So how does this weight compare to some other 1×1 RGBW lights? Below you can see:

Luxli Timpani²4.4 kg / 9.14 lb*
Rotolight Titan X112.2 kg (including power supply)
Creamsource Vortex411.4 kg / 25.1 lb (Including Yoke)
ARRI S30-C SkyPanel10.3 kg (including power supply)
Litepanels Gemini 1×15.31 kg**
Rayzr 7 MC1203.63 kg*
Lupo Superpanel 30 Full Color3.7 kg*
Luxli Timpani 1×1 RGBAW3.37 kg*
Aputure Nova P300C10.35 kg / 22.82 lb (Including Yoke,
Cable, Frame, Mount, Receiver)

* Including the weight of the power supply.

** This light has a built-in power supply

The Luxli Timpani² is still reasonably lightweight for a 1×1 RGBW fixture. Some of the offerings on the market weigh more than twice as much.

Build Quality

The physical appearance of the Timpani² has changed quite a lot and the light appears to be a little more robust than the original. The back of the fixture is basically one big giant heatsink.

The front of the original Timpani was a little less robust than the back as more plastic was being used. Luxli has now addressed that.

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