Luxury smartphones with Apple and Rolex, a “spec” phone like you’ve never seen before –



Let’s not only marvel at Apple’s typical mobile phones, such as the latest generation iPhones, but let’s also look at other types of interesting devices. Have you ever seen a cellphone with an integrated Rolex? No? Then we’ll show you one that will remove any doubt about it: here it is.

"Luxury smartphone with Apple and Rolex, a phone ""need""    Like you've never seen before"
This iPhone with an integrated Rolex is incredible –

A new iPhone? Yes, with a Rolex inside!

The first iPhone 14 Pro with an integrated Rolex watch has just arrived. The smartphone did not surface by accident: it was unveiled through a trailer posted on YouTube by Caviar, the leading company in this field. Electronic products Luxury, in recent years, has offered devices such as a Samsung Galaxy S22 with embedded fragments of meteorites, a PlayStation 5 in solid gold and an iPhone 13 with T-Rex teeth.

Now it comes with an incredible iPhone 14 Pro “Rolex Edition” that’s part of the “Grand Complications” series, Caviar’s most exclusive, and comes at a great price. $133,670. Obviously we are not talking about a simple purchase or within everyone’s reach, because the price of the device is much higher than the original; There is no comparison, although this aspect was probably obvious from the beginning.

It’s not just a very expensive phone

"Luxury smartphone with Apple and Rolex, a phone ""need""    Like you've never seen before"
Who expected a product like this? –

Beyond what we might think, it has a story to tell us, and it’s not as obvious as it seems. Actually it is a tribute to the circuit Daytona Beach, Florida. It is linked to the history of Rolex, which for sixty years has been producing chronometers and watches that owe their name to the American track, where in 1933 Malcolm Campbell set a world speed record on the road, pushing his car to 438 kilometers per hour. .

We can read a announcement Very important from Caviar, which explains as clearly as possible that: “We decided to pay tribute to the great history of Rolex with our Grand Complications collection, which now includes two extraordinary smartphones, the Skeleton Busset. [l’iPhone 13 con denti di T-Rex] and the Rolex Daytona. Caviar Jewelers installed a Rolex Daytona watch directly into the body of an iPhone 14 Pro Max Now, Rolex fans will have the opportunity to add the first smartphone with a chronograph of this level to their collection

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