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MacDroid: A Solution for Android file transfer

MacDroid: A Solution for Android file transfer

by Adam

If you are a Mac user with an Android phone, then you must be beating your head around, worried about how to function on two different systems. With such developments taking place in the tech field today, these barriers are closer to a myth. 

MacDroid has been developed to revolutionize these outdated difficulties by creating a mechanism that lets you transfer documents or files of any nature between the two different systems.

MacDroid is an application that was devised as a solution to the Android Mac file transfer problem. Two versions of it are available for you – a singular transfer version which is available on the internet. 

One-way transfer of files i.e. from Android to Mac and allows you a 7-day free trial too; an advanced version allows you a two-way transfer of files i.e. Mac to Android and Android to Mac.

As per your needs, you can go ahead to choose any of the aforementioned means of access.

Let’s peek into some of the intriguing features that this application has to offer us!

A multiplex mod-recommended for faster file transfer. 

Easy and comprehensive-connect to Android & other supportive devices like MP3, camera, etc.

  • Transferring pictures across devices

You don’t need an external device to transfer the pictures you have clicked and saved on your Android device. MacDroid lets you transfer them with ease.

  • Working with full folders

Many times, devices or apps don’t allow you to transfer bulky folders i.e. the ones that contain a lot of files. However, MacDroid lets you transfer irrespective of what size of a folder your Android app carries or Mac device does. You can opt for a two-way transfer of files using it.

On certain occasions, you wish to access to high-quality videos in an offline mode, be it while traveling in a plane or facing a low bandwidth connection. You can download HD quality videos on your Android phones and using this App transfer it to Mac. Now happy streaming offline!

  • Downloading and transferring music files

Using this app, you can transfer your playlist of songs from both the phones and enjoy them, anytime, anywhere!

  • Enabling the editing option on your Android phones

If you are carrying a file on the Android phone and do not wish to switch on a (comparatively) bigger device (i.e. your PC), then MacDroid lets you edit and work upon files; then later transfer them to the other device.

Outline of MacDroid Application Features

Ways to Get Started with MacDroid App

  1. Connect your Android Device to Mac via a USB cable: After installing the MacDroid app, open it and click on *Devices*which would appear in its main menu. After doing so, you need to use a USB cable to connect your Android to Mac.
  1. Allowing access to your android device: In the next step, you need to select either ADB (usually recommended) or MTP mode, and then follow the presented steps to enable your Mac device to access your Android contents like its folders, etc.
  2. Destination Folder: Once your device is connected, you can open it in the Finder app, and subsequently start transferring and editing the files present in it.


Along with the free trial version that it offers, MacDroid comes with an annual subscription billing system. After the completion of each billing cycle, it provides you with an option to subscribe MacDroid Pro version. Once you subscribe and install the MacDroid Pro app, you can connect to 5 Mac devices and an unlimited number of Android and MTP devices. Thus, you can experience some of the best features that MacDroid has to offer, with negligible glitches and smooth transferring.


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