Major Black Clover’s character is taken hostage


Black clover The finale is officially in full swing, and the suspense of the new chapter of the series is really holding a beloved character hostage as Asta already finds herself in her first deadly fight against the main villain, Lucius Zogratis And the chapters showed how dangerous the character is with everyone on the ropes.

As soon as the villain steps up, the fight begins Clover Kingdomand sister lily It’s all caught in the middle stay He brought her to his side. Before confessing his love, Lucius She interrupts him at the worst possible moment before escaping to safety. This puts him in the crosshairs when he captures and brainwashes her before the end of the last chapter.

Sister Lily literally said it’s not my problem, it’s yours.

Chapter 334 reveals how wide the gap is between them stay and its level Lucius, then the villain takes a turn for the worse when he reveals that he too has a new type of magic. Developing soul magic through the use of his two souls within his body and the knowledge of being from a family of demonic hosts. That’s where he gets behind Hermana Lilly, It’s time to convert.

Remember that Black clover It is in the last chapter of its history.

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