Many fraudulent loan applications are identified in Mexico


In recent months, some applications known as “montadeudas” have been identified by the government, as they carry out bad practices in terms of loans, data theft and somewhat out-of-place collection. Under Secretary for Security, Ricardo Mejiawho announced that 300 research folders have already been opened with more than 660 applications identified

By threatening to release images, including going against sex offenders, pedophiles or their families. There are 350 investigative folders in various public prosecutor’s offices, more in the City Mexico, there are 660 applications identified The behavior of the platforms was questionable, there were loans without many requirements.

According to CCitizens Council for Security and judgment Mexico City, between January and June 2022, 5,452 cases were reported. This section of the country collects 55% of complaints; Veracruz, Mexico, followed by Coahuila, Jalisco and Puebla. As lenders charge extra interest to contact them.

In view of this, a security number was released, in addition to a report to bring the developer and those responsible behind the application to the authorities, for allegations of overcharging. Well, in many cases they threaten to collect debts from relatives, defame them or even give warnings that they may physically reach out.

Here are some of the apps with the most debt-heavy reports:

2022-08-04 screenshot on 18.13.44

Investigations into extortion apps are ongoing.

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