Many wrong decisions lead to the crash of the Tesla Model S.


That’s just a few days ago when we talked about money Route safety equipment. Almost immediately that, owns a large customization Tesla Model S Kling He almost died on the track for not wearing a helmet or using any safety gear.

Fucking off Chilling with chit YouTube channel, owner of a Tesla Model S Plaid that he changed to use the track. He removed most of the interior except the passenger seat and removed the tailgate in the name of saving weight. This is the same Tesla that he decided to drive underwater to see if an electric car could do something like this and damage the car’s electric drive units. However, after replacing those units and following the car further, he noticed that he could not keep his brakes on, as many owners and journalists have mentioned about the stock model S Plaid. So he decided to upgrade the caliper, rotor and front pads from Unplugged Performance.

Many large calipers, carbon-ceramic rotors and upgraded brakes for composite trackpads will perform much better than stock brakes. However, he did not upgrade the rear brakes, only replacing them with new stock parts, and apparently he did not upgrade the brake fluid. There was liquid bleeding as soon as the braking work was done, but it says nothing about the fluid upgrade. If you regularly run tracks around 1,000 horsepower or 5,000 pounds, you’re probably using racing brake fluid.

After just a few minutes on the track with his newly upgraded brakes, those same brakes softened for him as he charged hard at the corners and sent him to the tire block. Before the brakes reached the corner, Chat said he was going 170 miles per hour. At the end of the video, Chet says he will explain what happened in an upcoming video, but there is a good chance of Stock Break Fluid being the culprit.

Fortunately, Schitt survived the accident, but not without some traumatic injuries: five broken ribs, a broken knee and a torn cruciate ligament. Depending on the situation, those injuries could have been worse. I don’t want to kick anyone while landing, it must be said that he would have been in better shape if he had used something. Real safety gear. If you want to unload a 1,000-pound car specifically for track work, fit in a cage and put on some racing seats with suitable harness. Wear a helmet too. She is lucky to be alive.

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