Map inside Instagram: Zuckerberg’s announcement leaves everyone confused and intrigued


Returning to the past in style? And in the beginning when Instagram was called Bourbon and was conceived as an app focused on the GPS geolocation of its users, so that they could inform themselves about the place they were, sending – also, but respectfully only to the location on the second floor. Geopositioning systems – photos and selfies? Let’s discover Zuckerberg & Co.’s new move.

The new Instagram feature looks like a return to Bourbon’s origins –

Once upon a time Bourbon: an app of Geolocation Designed to allow its users to notify their circle of friends your location, also sending pictures of where they were and the activities they did. How many of us remember it?

It was christened in honor of the legend Whiskey Dale Kentucky And, although technology in those years Geo positioning system The start-up was in its “explosive” phase, and made us think of a great relationship possible Used by Internet users all over the world, actually Burbn It doesn’t work. At least not related to GPS function.

Because, on the contrary, users showed great appreciation for the possibilities Share photos and videos. And therefore, the insight of founders and developers: to leave GPS and In favor of photo sharing. But above all: change the name from Burbn Instagram.

“New” Geolocation Functions: Mater Techniques

The new Instagram map July 20, 2022
Instagram’s new interactive map feature is already available –

So here’s that meta Now it seems that Instagram has decided to dust off the original service from its historical “attics” and offer it again. in a current key And little changed over time. That: the main features, as reported by TechCrunch and from the same Mark Zuckerberg His story hints at the possibilities to be found The most popular place Filtering them on multiple grounds, within specific regional areas of relevance alternative Possible and depends on your interest.

And for those who haven’t noticed or haven’t noticed yet, actually the function already available and cannot be used more for i alone post But, in fact, there may still be places of interest in your area unknownWhich is what Meta and Zuckerberg & Co. promise to help us explore in more detail, of course based on Temporary trends (ie: places that are more fashionable at a given moment), but also based on parameters Less touristy and “on the move”..

So not really some kind of alter-ego Google MapsAs net it has been assumed by many, but one Interactive promotional-ad map (It’s useless to deny it: Mater’s business model is aimed at it) Our neighbors are also able to point out areas of interest the novel. And in particular: Welcome back to Burbn (Albeit with a new look!)

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