Map or Google map? There is no difference This trick hides your location


Did you know that there is a simple trick to be able to hide from Google Maps or Apple Maps? Here’s what you need to do, it’s all very easy and best of all free

In the last few years, the various navigation systems available on the net have gained more and more success. There are millions of users around the world who exploit Google Maps and Apple Maps, Two reference services and which are able to provide all relevant information.

With this simple trick you can easily darken your room from Google Maps or Apple Maps (Adobe Stock).

From route directions to details on a specific location, review other users and photos of the selected location in real time. But only because, among the most used features, there are also Street view or panoramic. It’s a button that will be able to move virtually with 360-degree photographs of all the world’s public roads

Google Maps and Apple Maps, here’s how to hide your homes

Map Apple Google 20220804
Here are all the details about it (Adobe Stock)

There is already artificial intelligence to hide license plates and faces Google Maps and Apple Maps, there are those who want more. In this case, use the request method to correct only a face, a cell, or inappropriate content If you stay pc, you just need to access Google Maps, click on the photo displayed on the top left and then open Street View. At this point you need to position yourself in front of the area you want to blur and on the bottom left the option “Report a problem”. Clicking on it will produce a reproduction of the image, blurring the frame area with a red frame in the center. You must also give reasons why you want to vacate an area, and then submit the report.

You can also proceed directly with Street View app. After stayingArea is square, at the top right you will find an icon with three dots. Tap Us and click “Report a problem”. The latter method is practically the same as in computers.

Finally Apple Maps, with a very easy to follow strategy. Open the app and go to Panorama mode. By scrolling to the bottom panel, you report a problem. Go to privacy issues and then The picture of my house is blurry. You need to indicate the correct address before sending everything to the team of experts.

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