Mario Castaneda reveals why he didn’t participate in Dragon Ball Z Kai


A star voiced the dubbing cast dragon ball Has always been Lord Mario CastanedaHe who gives life gives neither more nor less goku Since he has become an adult. However, there were a few seasons where it was somehow replaced, which was when the reboot was done DBZ Kai.

The reason behind everything was revealed through a new interview YoutubeReveal that there was already an agreement from the end GT, maintaining the established salary. Ultimately, the client did not want to honor the offer KaiNot only that Mario CastanedaBut the other main actors in the cast decided not to reprise their roles.

It should be noted that everything will change immediately after the release of the film Battle of the Gods of Dragon Ball SuperSo from that moment Toei Animation He reconsidered everything and returned the agreed salary. Because of that, its story Majin Bu It was re-dubbed at that time with all the original cast participating.

For current projects that Mr. Castaneda con dragon ballIt has already been confirmed that he will lend his voice goku In the next film release, Super: Super Hero. In which project most of the important actors are going to appear and where for the first time Luis Manuel Avila it will be Gohan Due to the new casting of the character.

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