Mario movie trailer released in Latin Spanish


movie news super mario They don’t stop coming, because even though the global public already has its first trailer, some users needed to know the voice cast in Spanish. And fortunately for many, a few minutes after the original release, the dubbed version was released, which some were a bit confused by because the sound is not that clear.

It is published on the channel Universal Pictures Latam. Here you can check it:

As for the voice cast in Latin America, the networks have announced who it will be, for now there is no confirmation of any kind. Here is the list:

mario: Raul Anaya (Shanks in One Piece)

luigi: Victor Ugarte (Dragon Ball Harry Potter and Teen Goten)

peach: Karen Vallejo (Princess Bean in (Dis)Enchantment, Lola Loud in the Loud House)

Bowser: Javier Rivero (Jar Jar Binks and Star Wars)

the frog: Miguel Angel Ruiz (Escandalososé Panda)

donkey Cong: Raul Anaya (Master Chief in Hello, Mr. Moseby in Jack & Cody: Twins in Action)

Kamek: Salvador Reyes (Cell in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Ludwig in The Knights of the Zodiac Omega)

eccentric Cong: Ernesto Lezama (Porky in Looney Tunes)

Remember that SUPER MARIO BROS. The film starts March 30, 2023.

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