Martin revealed how involved he was with the ending of GoT Atomics


During the first four seasons game of thronesGeorge RR Martin, author of the book A song of ice and fire, was heavily involved in the production and script of the series. However, once HBO finished the material for the books, Martin’s role was significantly reduced, and The author revealed what happened during the end of the show.

In an interview with Dr New York Times, That’s it for its next premiere House of the DragonMartin revealed that in the fifth and sixth seasons, his involvement was minimal, but Once the last two hit HBO, I no longer had a say in the final product. This is what he commented:

“In seasons 5 and 6, and certainly in seasons 7 and 8, I was out of the loop.”


In the fifth and sixth seasons, Martin provided a series of notes and sketches winter wind, the next book in the series, to help shape the story. However, for the past two seasons, the only thing the writers offered to build on was a vague guide to the end of events.

Fortunately, this will not be the case. House of the Dragonwhere Martin has a greater participation, and here is an element with a final. It will have differences though, notes the series Fire and bloodBook written by Martyn where the extensive history of the Targaryens is described.

House of the Dragon Premiering on HBO and HBO Max on August 21, 2022. On a related topic, here you can watch the new trailer of the series. Likewise, Martin talked about what we can expect from the show.


Editor’s note:

It’s true that Martin’s involvement shaped much of the material in the first four seasons game of thrones Special, but at the end of the day the weather dictated the course of the show. with House of the DragonThe writers and HBO have the opportunity to offer a whole experience that is very worthwhile.

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