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Despite multiple delays, Marvel’s Midnight Suns One of the most anticipated games later this year. As we get closer to its release date, more and more information is revealed about this installment, and The amount of time it will take us to complete this title is revealed at this time.

In a recent broadcast, creative director Jack Solomon and producer Garth DeAngelis revealed that finish it Marvel’s Midnight Suns It will take us about 50 hoursEven if you decide to leave as soon as possible, you can get the final credit in just 40. To this, we must add the extra time we can find with all the additional content, which they confirm is sufficient.

During their talk, Solomon and DeAngelis mentioned that some people testing the game took 80 hours to finish all the extra content. Undoubtedly, A huge amount that many probably didn’t expect.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC on December 2nd. On related matters, these are special editions of the game. Likewise, here you can check out our interview with the director of the title.


Editor’s note:

Considering the strategy games we’ve seen this year, 50 hours seems a bit above the standard. However, it looks like this will be the adventure Marvel fans have been waiting for for a while.

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