Matthews 40”x40” Matthshield Floppies – Newsshooter



Matthews Studio Equipment has released the 40”x40” Matthshield Floppies that are designed to protect crew, talent, and equipment.

We are seeing a lot of products coming to market that are designed to help out productions that have started back up with the prevention and spread of COVID-19. It features clear marine vinyl which functions as a UV protectant and comes with a 3/8”-pin for mounting to standard stands and grip gear. This no-sweat solution can screen cameras, crew, and talent from splattering special effects or act as a safety barrier to help protect against COVID-19 transmission.

The 40”x40” Matthshield Floppies, just like the rest of the Matthews 40”x40” are designed to portable enough to travel in a hatchback car and compact enough to work in tight locations. It can fold out to 40”x 80” yet weighs just five pounds.