May 28 All Gamestop stores will have PS5 bundles



PlayStation 5 PS5 image 3 next to the controller

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority


  • MayStop will have a PS5 bundle of GameStop in all stores in the continental United States.
  • Customers must be a Powerup Rewards Pro member to score a score.
  • Supply will be limited.

Gamers looking to get their hands on the PS5 may be lucky as GameStop has announced that it will soon have the PS5 bundle in all of its physical stores.

The PS5 is one of the most sought-after gaming consoles, but notoriously difficult to purchase. Sony has struggled to keep up with demand due to semiconductor shortages and general supply chain problems. Despite the challenge, it seems Gamestop has been able to get its hands on enough supplies to be able to offer PS5 bundles on May 28 in all stores across the continental United States.

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Despite availability, quantity will still be limited, accordingly Company website:

“Personally visit your local gamestop for a Power Opportunity. Must be a Powerup Rewards Pro member, amount will be limited.”

Sony has promised to dramatically increase PS5 production, but at least some customers may soon be able to score one.


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