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The final battle between Midoriya and Shigaraki is inevitable My Hero Academia. As our hero arrives on the battlefield, it seems the fight we’ve been waiting for will finally take place. However, Deku has to deal with a new transformation by the main villain, One that not only looks stunning, but carries great emotional weight.

Since his incarceration at UA, Shigaraki has exhibited an evolution that no one expected. Although his quirk is currently non-functional, it still has great destructive power, something we could see working with a mutation that allows him to create multiple hands. nevertheless, This culminated in the final chapter, where these elements of destruction were transformed into armor.

unexpectedly, His mutation caused his hands to momentarily take on the shape of his family, only to provide him with an armor based on the fingers. It is described by the manga:

“Tomura Shigaraki’s body was struggling for its best form. That best form seemed like a swollen mass of fingers, forever seeking destruction. A form that overwhelmed the world around him and kept everyone at arm’s length, but the heroes outgrew that form. Thanks to the erasure, he was unable to heal the accumulated damage to his body. This, along with the stress and terror that affected his mind, ate away at his essence and his body became a new form ideal for this special moment.”


Shigaraki’s mutation, rather than being a form of defense against Deku’s attacks, and A cry for help from little Tenko Shimura, As well as a way for the villain that he cannot forget his family, as it is an element that will always be with him.

It will be interesting to see how this conflict is resolved., and if Midoriya does what he does best, save everyone. On a related note, the manga shows us a gruesome family reunion. Similarly, Edgeshot has finally been unmasked.


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