Mech Arena presents the new MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot – Pixel.


Plarium Global LtdOne of the world leaders in the development of F2P mobile and PC games, announced that it is now over one million Mech Arena-Players worldwide have unlocked the first Limited Edition Neymar Jr. Pilot It’s not only the most used pilot in the game, it’s also the most powerful. The soccer superstar made his surprise debut as October Mech Arena-The pilot has been delivered and now players want more!

A new trailer for the collaboration Mech Arena With Neymar Jr here to see

In preparation for the global football festival that is about to begin, Mech Arena NR Sports teamed up again with Neymar Jr. to design the “MVP Neymar Jr.” pilot. Players can secure the services of this premium pilot for a limited time by participating in the “Mech Arena Cup Derby event from 16 November to 18 December.

player from Mech Arenawhich “Mech Arena To participate in the Cup Derby and unlock their personal MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot, you must earn or already accumulate 1,200 XP between November 16 and December 18. This is how they get the invitation to this special event. During the event, players must complete daily tasks to earn points, unlock achievements, and earn their very own MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot. The MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot features an all-new MVP look and increases homing and melee weapon damage by 35%. Its haste and cooldowns increase and decrease by an additional 40%. Also, “MVP Neymar Jr” has the most game-changing implant slot capabilities.

Every four years, soccer fans from around the world gather to cheer on their favorite players as they represent their country against the world’s best. Inspired by this great competition and our partnership with NR Sports and soccer star Neymar Jr., we want our global Mech Arena-Give a gift to the community with this special event alongside a new pilot. During this period, players can participate in derby events to battle more, earn more and level up faster after unlocking their free pilot “MVP Neymar Jr.”so Rohen Gross, VP Business Development.

Mech Arena Available to users in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. The game is free to download and play Android, iOS And now also on Plarium’s PC platform Plarium Play (found at For more information on Neymar’s features and promotions, visit:

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