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Not just Amazon Prime Day 2022. An attractive Mediaworld offer is available until Sunday, which will allow you to buy some of the best Samsung devices, benefiting from discounts of up to 250 euros

Mediaworld Amazon tries to divert attention away from Prime Day 2022 offers (which we think will end tonight) and launched an interesting new promotional campaign dedicated to Samsung device.

New MediaWorld Offers (AdobeStock)

It will be possible to benefit from it throughout the week starting today Discounts up to a maximum of 250 euros on various products included in the initiative. It is important to note that these rebates are cumulative Increase in incurred costs: The higher the latter, the higher the price reduction applied by the electronics chain

The devices, which can also be purchased in convenient monthly installments for an inevitable zero rate, are all branded Samsung and covers a wide range of consumer electronics, viz Smartphones, smartwatches and earphones Bluetooth, not only to mention the three products most desired by consumers, but also large and small appliances, televisions and PC accessories. In other words, the Samsung universe is available at a discount on MediaWorld. And it’s no coincidence that the electronics chain called the initiative “Samsung week“, can be reached at This is the address.

Mediaworld offers: “Samsung Week” discounts of up to 250 euros based on spending

Mediaworld Samsung Week offer
New Galaxy S22 (Screenshot Samsung)

As mentioned earlier, maximum discounts apply 250 euros, a figure that rises as costs rise. Below are the main brackets, but note that some products such as pre-sale reservations, publication products, policies, wedding lists and other items such as digital pins, vouchers, top-ups, caskets, gift cards do not contribute to achieving the minimum spend..

  • A in the mouth Minimum spend 250 eurosIt can benefit from a 50 euro discount
  • Minimum spend is 500 euros: The discount will be 100 euros instead
  • Minimum spend is 1000 euros: Expected discount is 250 euros.

We remind you that the discount will be visible directly in the cart at the time of payment. The initiative will remain valid until further notice 17 July And will allow you to buy some of the most popular Samsung products of the past at even more competitive prices, such as the best smartphones in the Galaxy S22 series or Samsung Smart TVs.

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