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Meike recently announced its new 35mm T2.1 cine lens that covers S35 sized sensors. It is available in either PL or Canon EF mount.

Who is Meike?

The story behind Meike is a little long and complicated and if you need more information than what is presented in the video above check out this article by Matt Duclos.

The optical and mechanical design of the Meike primes appears to bear a striking resemblance to that of the original Veydra lenses, but there are a few key differences. The Meike lenses are claimed to be optically and mechanically better.


DSC 9682

The lens is being touted as an affordable, compact-sized cine prime lens. It looks to be a good option if you are thinking about getting a dedicated cine prime lens, but don’t have a lot of money to spend. In a lot of ways, lenses like these offer cine-style mechanics at the price point of a normal stills lens,

As I have already mentioned it will cover S35 sized sensors. However, the actual image circle coverage is 33.6mm. Now, this particular lens is only available in Canon EF or PL mounts. The mounts are not swappable. A user swappable EF/PL mount would have made a lot of sense, especially given the target audience for this lens.

Is this lens actually new?

Screenshot 2020 09 03 at 10 56 02 AM

Meike already makes cinema prime lenses for M4/3, APS-C, and full-frame sized sensors. Lenses are available in Sony E-Mount, Fujifilm X-Mount, and M4/3 mount. The 50mm T2.1 Full-Frame lens is available in PL/EF/RF/E/L/Z mounts.

This new series is slightly different from the existing APS-C coverage lenses they already make. In saying that, there is still a lot of similarities between this new lens and some of the existing models.

Size & Weight

DSC 9708

The 35mm T2.1 tips the scales at 910g (32oz) in PL mount, and 940g (33.16oz) in Canon EF mount. This is still quite a lot of weight for a small lens.

DSC 9659

The PL-mount version is 98.5mm (3.88″) long and the Canon EF mount version is 106.5mm (4.19″) long.

Build Quality

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