Messages on iPhone, you don’t know them anymore: everything will change soon



Messages on iPhone is getting ready to change forever Apple has a real breakthrough in mind, which will empower users to access many additional features. A well-known interior to reveal everything

In recent years, various messaging platforms have taken over. in WhatsApp and TelegramUsers all over the world have a useful tool to be able to communicate when and how they want for free, in real time and with many prospects.

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Messaging on the iPhone, the revolution is ready (Adobe Stock)

But the classics should not be forgotten Message app Present by default on smartphones. apple Many are noticing this, because – especially in the US – iMessage Continue to be a reference service. Even more than different WhatsApp and Telegram. According to a well-informed insider, it should be there in 2023 a revolution As far as iPhone apps are concerned.

iPhone Messages Change Forever: Here’s All the Details

Tipster Majin Bu thought about it on Twitter, with a post that detailed the news designed by Apple iPhone Messages app. According to what has emerged, a fully revised version will be released in 2023, starting with home. The latter will be defined as smart and from an interface point of view will have unpublished chat bubbles, new and changed sections. Besides stickers, emojis and more.

Important changes are also designed for this chat room Real, with the possibility of adding a large number of people to the same call or conversation (the limit is not yet identified). Then we think about the video and AR chat functionality. According to the latest information, the Cupertino OEM has decided to debut its next generation headset.

To confirm the information, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who spoke about a new in these few hours Apple branded viewer which will focus on gaming, entertainment and virtual communication. Memoji and Shareplay will have a first-rate introduction. There is no specific information regarding the release time, but everything indicates that the rollout will already happen In the first month of the new yearWith a revised version of iOS.


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