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Meta has launched a new VR headset with high-end equipment called Quest Pro. Compared to the Quest 2, there is basically improved tracking and more power. Priced at $1,499, however, it’s not aimed at the original Quest audience.

Project Cambria is now official, dubbed Meta Quest Pro. A 25. October The VR glasses will be released in the US, France and the UK. in Announcement message The Meta only offers a US price, which is a particularly high $1,499. Online magazine specializing in VR mixed Its gives a price for Europe 1.799 euros.

Although nothing legally stood in the way of selling the Quest model in this country for a short time, the company currently appears to be No publication in Germany Make plans. Meta Quest 2, formerly Oculus Quest 2, was launched in October 2020, priced between 399 and 499 US dollars in the US and currently just under 450 to 550 euros in France. So what does the new Pro model offer? Here’s a quick overview of the most important innovations compared to Quest 2:

Better ergonomics of the headset and controllerhigh weight
Internal camera for face and eye trackingShort battery life (also controller)
Better passthrough video with colorSignificantly more expensive
50 percent more performance and 12/256 GBNo sales in Germany (yet).
Sharp images despite almost unchanged resolution (pancake lens)

The Quest Pro has two LC displays, each with 1,800 × 1,920 pixels, which can be integrated using local dimming and quantum dots. 75 percent more contrast And should have better colors. According to the manufacturer, the new pancake lenses ensure a 50 percent more sharpness in the edge region And 25 percent more sharpness in the center of the image. Additionally, the refresh rate is up to 90 Hz.

Eye, face tracking and better passthrough

There are five camera sensors not only on the outside but also on the inside. Internal sensors can do this Capture facial expressions And eye track. The latter allows dynamisches Foveated rendering. Only the area of ​​the image that is directly viewed is rendered at high resolution and the peripheral field of view is rendered at a slightly lower resolution – this saves computing power.

Should have built-in Snapdragon XR2+ 50 percent more power The Quest 2 offers more than the XR2. There is also twelve and 256 GB of storage space instead of six GB of RAM. Incidentally, sensors outside the passthrough option (AR) have higher resolution than before and can now do so in color As well as transfer the outside world to the screen with a good depth effect.

Shorter battery life and newer controller

The battery is located at the back of the 722 gram headset, which ensures good weight distribution. In general, it works The headband is more ergonomic And reminiscent of the Quest 2’s optional Elite Strap. The battery life of the Pro model also decreases One to two hours But small, which also applies to regulators.

They are more ergonomic and have Camera sensor And each has a Snapdragon 662 for improved tracking, but the battery is permanently integrated, which reduces runtime compared to the AA-powered Quest 2 controller. Meta envisions Quest Pro primarily for enthusiasts and professional use. There is also a partnership with Microsoft, which will lead to the end of VR glasses with Microsoft 365 Teams.


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