Meta-update privacy policy with new, more illustrative examples and languages



Meta has released its update today Privacy policy – Formerly known as ‘Data Policy’ – which aims to provide more clarity about the type of information a company has In accordance with the Privacy Regulations developed worldwide and collects, uses and shares feedback from users and Privacy experts.

Explained by Meta:

“With this update, our goal is to be clearer about our data practices; One way we’ve done this is through additional details and examples. At Meta, we’re always ready to create personalized experiences that pay the price without compromising your privacy. So it’s up to us to have strong protection for the data we use and to be transparent about how we use it. “

What seems to be a bit rich comes from companies that have inadvertently transferred user data to various third parties through system flaws. Over And again

But the last major data breach of the meter occurred several years ago, and especially since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company has implemented many new restrictions and control options to stop the abuse.

The updated Privacy Policy, which went into effect in July, aims to provide greater transparency on this front, with a clear explanation of how each component relates to the protection of your personal data.

Meta privacy policy

More illustrative examples will help users relate to the fact that their data can be used in a variety of situations, which will help improve understanding, and better enable people to take action when selected.

However, in order for them to do this, they must actually tap on the privacy policy and view the information presented. Which, of course, most people don’t – but Meta is also rolling out new in-app prompts to warn people about changes.

Meta privacy policy update

In other words, the meta is doing everything it can to alert people to updates, but history says that, even with these prompts, only a small percentage of users will be annoyed to test, and even a small number will update their settings.

But the information is there, and it is now presented in a way that makes it much easier to understand.

In addition to this, Meta is also updating Terms of service ‘Per Explain better what is expected of us and those who use our platforms.

Meta privacy policy update

Finally, Meta’s also Rolling out new post-level default settings makes it easier to control who can see your content on Facebook.

“Now, when someone selects a default audience, that audience selection will apply to new posts created on Facebook that they share in their timeline, unless they select a different audience for a particular post. Previously, your default audience for the post matched the one you recently selected. So if you create a post that was available to the public, your next posts will be This New setting This will help ensure that you are sharing with the right people in your community

These are good updates, reflecting the evolving privacy landscape and ensuring that Meta’s legal team covers more, if any, issues.

And I’d urge people to tap into these new notifications to check for updated language – because again, most people won’t do it and this may result in ignored content.

It is also worth noting that the meta has been updated Privacy policy only covers Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. It does not cover the use of Quest devices other than WhatsApp, Workplace, Free Basic, Messenger Kids or Facebook account, which has its own privacy policy.

This is an important difference, for legal purposes, but also for general use, especially due to the growing interest in VR and the final metavers shift.

You can check the updated policy document of Meta Here.


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