Metaverse collapses in stock market on bets on metaverse




A few months ago, the brand was considered for a change Facebookwhich should be taken by name metaCovering different social networks and betting on penetration into them Metaverso. But the company Mark Zuckerberg He did not get much compensation compared to his expenses and this is something that has already been noticed.

As can be seen in the table below, meta That’s about a 25% drop in the stock market. This happened after the day’s financial results were released yesterday. Profits fell 52% compared to the same period last year. Still, the company president remains positive.


The Virtual Reality section is worth commenting on. the reality Labs, its revenue fell 48.9%. What’s worse is that this year’s losses are even greater 2021. This means that not everyone is convinced to see the accessories that are being promoted so much in addition to not having such interesting content.

However, things may look better with the upcoming arrivals Quest ProDevices that promise innovation in immersion, surpassing line devices Oculus. Also, the interest of big companies to invest in games is noticeable, so at the end of the day, the 2023 Could draw good financial returns.

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