MGM lost the rights to Tomb Raider and offered Skyrocket


Movies based on video games have gone through a second boom, as have productions Detective PikachuIts two tapes sonic and up to unpublished They were box office hits. That’s why many will want to give it another chance grave raider In movies, since MGM Filming rights lost.

It has been hinted that the cinema chain had until May to release a sequel to the latest film adaptation of the series, which apparently did not happen and now there is a backlash. Now, many studios are hunting for licenses, offering huge sums of money to people involved in the business.

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Alicia Vikanderwho played Lara Croft inside “Tomb Raider” of 2018, is no longer linked. That means a complete reboot and no casting or director commitments. Distribution rights reverted to the video game company, then the company and GK Movies of Graham King They have entered into an agreement to represent the intellectual property of the bidders.

inside 2011 These rights were acquired by Square Enix, So now they are open to offers from major companies, and hopefully a deal will soon be in place to bring this story back to cinema. The names have not been specifically mentioned, but there could be an official reveal in a few months.

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