Microsoft builds AI, Azure Cloud Development Front and Center



Project Volterra debuted, Qualcomm Snapdragon-based AI Dave Kit

With virtually hosting its annual Build Developer Conference this year, Microsoft has put new AI and cloud development tools on the front and center, both inside and outside Azure, and launched a Windows-on-arm developer Kit based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. Has done.

Microsoft has announced a new custom service for developers called Microsoft Dave Box. Dev Box Azure builds on virtual desktops, Microsoft’s cloud-based desktop and app virtualization services. Conceptually like Windows 365, Dev Box integrates apps and services designed for developers.

The service – now in private preview, but is expected to be released later this year – will help developers run Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on Windows, Software Development Kit (SDK) or developer tools to help some integrated pre-configured systems By 6 With all the tools and reliance needed to create and run apps, developers using Microsoft Dev Box can run and debug code without first debugging their workstation or waiting for a long rebuild, according to the company.

“Using Windows 365 to integrate Dev Box with Microsoft Dev Box Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager ensures unified management, security and compliance in the hands of IT,” Explained by Anthony CangialosiGroup Program Manager at Microsoft.

Microsoft says it is making it easier to use AI and troubleshoot with new features from Azure, such as a new feature in Azure Machine Learning called the Responsive AI Dashboard, which includes Data Explorer, fairness, model interpretability, error analysis and counterfactivity. And combines causal assumptions. The analysis will help developers to debug and make better data-informed decisions, Microsoft said.

Microsoft says the company has updated Azure cognitive services with the help of OpenAI models that are used to assist in writing, creating code and understanding unorganized data. Azure Knowledge Services for languages ​​can summarize documents and conversations and much more.

The AI ​​factor is also part of the new partnership that Microsoft has announced with Meta, AMD and the open-source data science platform Hugging Platform. Meta and Microsoft are teaming up for Azure-based AI research using a dedicated cluster of 5400 GPUs with Nvidia’s A100 Tensor Core.

AMD’s flagship M200 GPU Azure will be used for large-scale AI training, according to Microsoft, the first public cloud to deploy them. Microsoft is embracing the open source machine learning framework, Pieterch, with a new development accelerator optimized for AMD.

At this year’s Build Conference, Microsoft began expanding support for ARM processors, at least in the service of developing better AI models and Neural Processing Units (NPUs) – specialized processors that accelerate machine learning algorithms.

To that end, Microsoft has discontinued the Voltaire project, a mini-PC made by Intel or AMD instead of a Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip (SOC) microprocessor. The product will be launched later this year, according to Microsoft.

“With Project Volterra, you’ll be able to explore many AI situations with the new Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for Windows toolkit announced today by Qualcomm Technologies.” Panos Panay saidMicrosoft Chief Product Officer, Windows and Devices.

Panay said Microsoft Project will provide Voltaire users with complete Visual Studio 2022 and multiple updated arm development tools, including VSCode, Visual C ++, the modern .NET 6 and Java, the classic .NET Framework, Windows Terminal and WSL and WSA. Running Linux and Android apps.


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