Microsoft surprises with official Xbox Series S announcement



Xbox Series S Official Image

  • Microsoft just confirmed the Xbox Series S.
  • The console will sell for $299.
  • It’ll be the smallest Xbox ever made.

Just a few hours back, we reported about the leaked design and price of the upcoming Xbox Series S console. Microsoft has now gone ahead and confirmed it.

In a surprising move, the official Xbox handle on Twitter announced the $299 price of the Xbox Series S. Microsoft also went a step further and actually revealed what the gaming console looks like. Just to put it out there, the leak was bang on.

Microsoft Series S official announcement tweet

The Xbox Series S features a more compact design compared to the new Xbox Series X. Microsoft is calling it the “smallest Xbox ever.” In fact, it is so small that it can fit inside the mammoth Xbox Series X machine, as shown by a previously leaked video.

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The console resembles the Xbox One S and features what looks like a controller sync button and USB-A port upfront. The power button in the shape of the X is also the same as the older-gen Xbox consoles. The image confirms that you can keep the Xbox Series S vertically with an air duct pointing upwards and another one pointing outwards. You should also be able to lay the console flat on a table.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything else about the Xbox Series S, but the previous leak suggested it could launch on November 10 alongside the Xbox Series X.

Earlier leaks have also suggested that the Xbox Series S will have the same processor as the Xbox Series X, but will cut down on GPU power and RAM.

Guess we’ll just have to wait to know more about the new console. We’ll keep you updated if and when we get some more details about it.

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