Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star’s Curved Path of False Love, now released on Xbox Series X | S – Xbox Ware



  • Milky Way Prince – Vampire Star is a psychological romance-horror visual novel.
  • An autobiographical story of passive love with multiple endings.
  • The Xbox series is available today for S | X.

Hi, I’m Lorenzo, I’m the creator The Milky Way Prince, Which is more of a personal diary than a normal game. To me, working on this project was a cathartic experience, as I needed to go through a complex and challenging time in my life, to eliminate and analyze.

I chose to do it through a video game because I think it’s the perfect tool to do it, because it allows me to write down what happened to me and analyze it from different perspectives. I was able to rediscover my experiences with precise reasoning and explore what might have happened if I had chosen different.


Our time teaches us how important it is to communicate specific themes with the right sensitivity, and since I was dealing with a thorny issue like mental illness, especially Borderline Personality Disorder, I needed the right metaphorical veil. I chose astronomy and astronomy because I felt like I was falling in love with a star because of my relationship with a BPD partner. The more love grows and the more intense the connection, the more unstable and unpredictable our system becomes.


Vampire stars, or symbiotic binary stars, seemed to be the perfect metaphor for mutual and obsessive co-dependence, symbolizing parasitic degrading and accumulated dynamics. Relationships are clearly a two-way bridge, where it is all about exchange, they are not free from the mechanics of power and control. So, what if I’m too strict? Or too submissive? And can I manage to break a toxic cycle? Are relationships a way to compensate for each other’s weaknesses, with the risk of giving up too much or too little? The key question in this game.

Character and dialogue

Finally a version running in full resolution, showing drawings in their native resolution at full framerate and being able to play on TV with a controller! The Milky Way Prince Available on the Xbox today, and I hope it makes sense to its players, taking them on an intense journey through the stimulus turtle we need for love and connection.

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Milky Way Prince – Vampire Star

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A visual novel about an abusive relationship, idealization and intimacy. Live the summer of void love with branch stories, twists, abrupt changes and a special mechanic where you choose which senses to use with your boyfriend. In these moments, you will learn about him, his personality and his past, which makes you question everything. The Milky Way Prince is a semi-autobiographical story entirely designed, programmed, illustrated and scored by a young writer, Lorenzo Radailli. “During my experience with a Borderline partner, I thought falling in love with her was like being part of a binary star system. It’s the rarest, most valuable thing in the universe – but as they get closer they become restless.” “My idea was to create an immersive experience where the player was asked to try to understand the dynamics of this unusual relationship. “Love bombing”, or else guilt trips you. The plot-branch story is driven by variables such as “submission” and “interest” that fluctuate in each interaction.

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