Mini Motorways – Coming November 3, 2022 “The Endless & Expert Update” builds highways in two new game modes – PIXEL.



Mini Motorways, the minimalist tactical traffic management sim with over four and a half million players from developer Dinosaur Polo Club, breaks new ground with endless and expert updates – its biggest yet. With two new game modes, Endless Mode and Expert Mode, coming to Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on PC and Mac on Thursday, November 3, 2022, the range of gameplay options expands from relaxing to challenging.

Transform 15 iconic cities like Tokyo, Lisbon and Los Angeles into a canvas of artistic street work and efficient transportation in Endless Mode, the most requested community feature ever. Start a new city in endless mode or continue the game after finishing a game to build the metropolis of your dreams. Play at your own pace without risking the city ending before you want and earn upgrades by hitting milestones and building an efficient city.

Get ready for new obstacles inspired by Mini Metro’s Extreme Mode and a chance to beat the best in Expert Mode. Learn what busyness really means as street tiles and upgrades quickly become city staples. Play strategically as you will have access to the full range of upgrades at the end of each week, but plan ahead as an upgrade cannot be selected twice in a row. Climb the brand new leaderboards in expert mode on each map and battle the highest level of civil engineers for the top spot.

Infinite and Expert updates will introduce more quality of life improvements requested by the community. Discover the new multi-level manual zoom option, which lets you choose your preferred method of drawing city streets on any platform and make informed decisions with the ability to view your current city layout before choosing an upgrade before the end of each game week.

A total of 15 maps and nine updates with many new features and upgrades have been added since Mini Motorway was launched. The Mini Motorway community encourages each other and increases connectivity around the world, one road at a time. To celebrate them, here are some recent achievements that the game and our community have achieved together in their road building efforts:
Mini Motorways Endless and Expert Update will be available for free download on Thursday 3rd November 2022 (PDT). Join Community Building for a monthly subscription of $4.99 on Apple Arcade, $14.99 on Nintendo Switch, or $9.99 via Steam on PC and Mac.

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