Mobile phone prices to rise in Spain: Government plans to triple Canon Digital


If this draft Royal Decree is approved, the price of digital canon for mobiles will go from 1.10 euros to 3.75 euros.

Digital Canon is A rate that took effect in 2017 Which forces smartphone, tablet and computer makers to pay A fee for each device launched with internal storage.

Now, five years later, we have just learned that the Spanish government is considering approving a royal decree Canon Digital will triple its current costWhich will increase the price of mobile phones.

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Due to the increase in digital canon in the government plan, the price of mobiles will increase.

Govt to triple cost of Canon Digital

Bhojpopuli Media had access Draft Royal Decree that will govern the new terms of the Digital CanonWhich shows that the government is thinking This fee costs three times.

So, in the case of mobile phones, every manufacturer has to give a digital canon off 3.75 euros for each device, compared to the 1.10 euros I paid so far, which represents a 240% increase. This increase is similar to the rate that smartphones and tablets have to pay, since its canon is digital Goes from 3.15 euros to 3.75 euros.

As for the rest of the devices relative to Canon Digital, computers will see this rate decrease, it will pass 5.45 euros to 5.33 euros And hard drives, printers, USB sticks and non-rewritable disks will maintain their current costs, which are €6.45, €5.25, €0.24 and €0.08 respectively.

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Although Canon Digital must be assumed by every manufacturer, the truth is that growth This rate will affect the final price of the mobile phonewhich will happen Increase its price if this Royal Decree is approvedwhich is still to be given a go-ahead from the Ministry of Culture and Sports and to be approved by the Council of Ministers.

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