Mod shares ambitious plans for a Gamecube and portable Wii



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Today modders create very interesting things with the tools they have at hand, the most obvious example is a model Nintendo 64 With original parts but to be carried by hand. And now a similar project seems to have a prominent progress, it’s a hybrid game cube y We Laptop that runs games well.

known as mode AshidaCreated by Modder Wesk and forum posts Bitbuilt in September 2021, with full instructions on what parts are needed and how to make them. Now the user was back in the spotlight last Wednesday since the player Twitter, GingerOfModsHe published his own version.

mode of WeskContains actual hardware from We Trimmed to fit inside casing. It comes with a 5-inch widescreen display, allowing you to use the Wii’s native support for the 16:9 aspect ratio. It also has two 21700 batteries, which Wesk claims gives the laptop 3.5 hours of play time.

Recently created version GingerOfMods Stands out for its eye-catching light blue design. The clear case was printed using a 3D model provided WeskThis type is designed to be reproduced using a printer.

It is worth noting that the designs are available for those who want to find the parts and make their own, the operation may be different, so caution is advised when assembling.

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Publisher’s Note: It would be surprising to find such a device, since the libraries of both consoles have been lost to time. Well, to date Nintendo hasn’t released Gamecube games on other sites, nothing outside of ports like Mario Sunshine and Zelda for that console.


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