More colors, patterns appear for Google Pixel watch bands


on mondayIn this article, we have detailed the default Pixel Watch case color and strap configuration based on our previous review big election This is a work in progress. Google is now ramping up excitement for the Pixel Watch, while a recent leak hints at strap colors and styles that will be available at launch.

Today Google shared a file 15 second teaser Display Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Watch and Buds Pro or “Google Pixel Suite” with the slogan “A world of help, built around you”. Here’s a quick shot of another analog dial design worth mentioning that uses different shapes as hour markers. Google uses an untagged analog face in recent ads (presumably to hide the thickness of the bezel).

  • 1 and 7: Birth control pills
  • 2 and 8: circle
  • 3 and 9: round square
  • 4 and 10: Triangle
  • 5 and 11: Pentagon
  • 6: Google “G”
  • 12: Circle

It’s a bit clunky, with a single complication opening at 6 o’clock for Google Assistant and a chunky hour hand.

Meanwhile, our $349 pricing report mentions Chalk (White/Beige), Charcoal (Grey), Hazel Lemongrass (Yellow/Green), and Obsidian (Black) for the inner band, essentially Fitbit’s Infinity range. Snoopy Tech on Twitter Note that it is also available in Coral, Google’s Orange/Salmon.

Additionally, the aforementioned “Women’s” fabric straps will be available in Coral, Ivy, and Lemongrass. our Look at the June gang Also, discuss how Google works on two types of leather belts. The ivy and obsidian colors were mentioned yesterday, while there would usually be small, medium and large sizes.

As we mentioned earlier, not all belt designs may be available immediately, and this leak gives an idea of ​​what could be on offer closer to launch.

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