Motorola is working on the next top of the range: 200 Mpx Samsung Camera Confirmed –



Motorola He is all willing Turn on a new smartphone Coming soon, Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Top of the very interesting range of studies. We will be ready to welcome it with others Device That already conescWhat are we?

Motorola is working on the next top of the range: the 200 Mpx Samsung camera has been confirmed
Motorola is preparing to launch a great phone – 7

The company wants to launch a new top-of-the-range device Mobile photography. We report this because the sensor will be 200 MP, in addition the question has been further explored in a post Social Announces some weird facts about Lenovo’s photographic qualities Instrument.

And based on the photo posted Motorola BorderIts name, you can see the HP1 initials of the screen printing on the camera, a signature indicating the use of sensors. ISOCELL HP1 Samsung’s first 200MP sensor, as well as the one introduced by Korean House in September last year, and never seen before No smartphone Since it has not been implemented.

However, what we have said about sensors is well received, as well as its effective utility Mobile phoneIt is possible that we find ourselves in front of a chip capable of taking pictures with equal resolution 16.384 x 12.288 pixels. The size of the sensor is 1 / 1.22 ”, measuring 0.64 micrometers per pixel. This is an innovation we should not miss essential from aveAgainThis is why it is worth understanding.

Latest information and details

Motorola is working on the next top of the range: the 200 Mpx Samsung camera has been confirmed
The company is positively surprising everyone –

Can capture photographs with similar resolution Hundreds of megabytes of space, So it is almost certain to use pixel binning techniques to solve this problem. Specifically, the sensor can reduce by 16 pixels, thus getting one 12.5MP photo Or cut 4 in one, create a 50MP image in seconds and without any hassle.

Then, even using the Focus 200 MP camera, Motorola FrontierAs far as we know, it should come with a very promising technical data sheet. On the board we should find, it is thought, the processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus, With 12GB RAM. The rest of the rumors are “OK”: it will have a 6.67-inch OLED screen, with QHD resolution and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The camera Principal From 200MP, the photographic sector will use a 50MP ultra-wide-angle sensor and a 12MP telephoto sensor. There Internal cameraInstead, it will be a 60 MP model.


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