Movies and shows like Tokyo Vice: What to watch before season 2


Tokyo Vice was critically acclaimed and hit by viewers at HBO Max earlier this year, so it’s no surprise to learn that Tokyo Vice has been greenlit on season 2 June 2022. If you’re a fan of real crime dramas, you might want to consider a movie and show like Tokyo Vice. We have come up with some suggestions here.

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Tokyo Voice is based on the non-fiction account of American journalist Jack Adelstein while working at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Beat in the 90’s. It follows a young journalist out of its material learning about Japan’s criminal underworld and the infamous Yakuza Crime Syndicate.

So, read on for a list of movies and shows like Tokyo Vice. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find everything before Tokyo Vice Season 2 by clicking on the link below. And if you are not a HBO Max customer, you can sign up.

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Giri / Hajj

Taki (Aoi Okuama) and Kenzo Mori (Takehiro Diamond) sit on the floor at Giri / Hajir Heathrow Airport - the best British crime show on Netflix

Another scene out of the fish of the criminal underworld, a show like Tokyo Vice from the Giri / Haji Japanese perspective. Divided between Tokyo and London, a Tokyo detective looking for his brother in London after watching Netflix and BBC co-productions. The deceased is believed to be hiding in a London underground criminal accused of brutally killing the nephew of a Yakuza member.

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Miami Vice (Series)

Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas shooting at Miami Vice - Shows like Tokyo Vice

Apparently borrowing its title from an 80’s classic, the Miami Vice certainly belongs to shows like the Tokyo Vice, if only as a legacy pick. Miami Vice creator Michael Mann actually produced Executive Tokyo Vice and directed the premiere episode. The NBC drama follows Vice Police Crockett and Tabs in their distinctive 80s wardrobes as they fight, initially, the 80s cocaine boom in Miami.

Miami Vice (2006)

Miami Vice

The return to Miami Vice through Michale Mann’s own 2006 film remake allowed him to play with his visual style, aligning it more closely with the HBO Max series. As a film like Tokyo Vice, it shares a lot more in the new show than the original NBC series. The film follows Crockett and Tabs in contemporary Miami. The final stages of the war on drugs add a dark edge to the premise, and the value is absolutely brilliant.

Joe Shishido, women in underwear, aim the gun at Branded to Kill - movies like Tokyo Vice

There are a lot of Yakuza movies out there, many of which have earned a place in movies like Tokyo Vice. A best, hands down, branded to kill. This crime film by Sejun Suzuki from Cult Atur has seen a classic Japanese contract killer hit. Now, there’s another hitman on his trail.

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Criteria Channel

For true movie fans

For true film fans, the Criterion Channel has many old and recent art house films from around the world.

The real detective

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson on True Detective - Show like Tokyo Vice

True Detective is an anthropology series that sees detectives solve grizzly crimes, in a way that is more in tune with the content of a show like Tokyo Vice. The series famously features major time jumps, which allow the characters to reflect on how they have handled (or handled) their cases recklessly.

Michael Douglas lit a cigarette with burning cash, standing with Andy Garcia in the black rain - movies like Tokyo Vice

Another story about Americans getting a first lesson in Yakuza’s internal work was directed by Black Rain Ridley Scott and star Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia. Two New York police have arrested a murderer he did not know was a Yakuza member. They themselves have seen him brought back to Japan but are soon tracking him through Tokyo when he escapes custody on his home turf.

From Impact to Paramount Plus

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City on the hill

Kevin Bacon and Aldis look like a Tokyo vice at a bar in Hodge City on a Hill.

A Boston district attorney is looking to clean up the city because it is rife with corruption and crime He inadvertently teamed up with a dirty FBI agent in hopes of getting the criminal underground and straightening things out from the inside.

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The Wire

The Wire - Looks like Tokyo Vice

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. The HBO drama looks at Baltimore’s drug business from a number of favorable points, providing other perspectives, including police, dealers, distributors, politicians and dock workers.

All the Old Knives (2022)

Chris Pine and Thundeway Newton in All the Old Knives - Best New Streaming Movie

A veteran CIA operative is tasked with investigating his own team when new information about an old case is released. Could there be a mole among his old comrades? The dynamite performance is featured in the Amazon Prime video original movie, as this slow-boiling thriller tests old loyalty and romance.

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The best movies and shows like Tokyo Vice are our favorites that you can stream right now.

What will you see before Tokyo Vice Season 2 on HBO Max?

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