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After a delay, Battle Pass for the first season Multiversus Getting closer Although there are still details that need to be clarified, The price of this progression mode of the free-to-play game was recently revealed.

When asked on Twitter, the game’s director Tony Huynh finally revealed it Season pass for Multiversus It will cost approximately 950 gleamium. For those who haven’t experienced the title, Glamium is the currency used to purchase cosmetics, similar to V-Bucks. Fortnite.

A pack of 1,000 glemiums costs $9.99So this will be the actual price you will have to pay to access Battle Pass Multiversus. With this, it is mentioned that here we will get 50 levels, each unlocking more cosmetic items, as well as glemium that we can freely use.

In related matters, two new characters have been leaked Multiversus. Likewise, a Space Jam character would make it into this title.


By: Tony Huynh

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