My Hero Academia reveals Coder’s Power Awakening




At this time, the franchisee My Hero Academia The battle between heroes and villains is over the top as important characters die in the way. And during the most recent episode, we see the most interesting awakening yet, which is Cozy codaWho reveals an emotional moment from the manga.

loss Heteromorphos Civilian support has fallen Paranormal Liberation Front As they are tired of the way they have been treated, and thus the movement has taken a more violent path. It centers on two protagonists who know about heteromorphic abuse, shoji y the coda This has led to an amazing progress of the latter joke.

My Hero Academia: Koji Koda, the Voice of Nature Hero, explained

of Chapter 371 My Hero Academia and a Spinner Becoming a monster, despite best efforts shoji, Spinner He refuses to listen because he can’t understand anything around him. Meanwhile, attempts are being made to blame FLP shoji As an example of a traitor to his own people, but the coda Remember when shoji She told him and others about the abuse she had suffered in the past to get to this point.

to see shoji It has become a symbol of scarred and anti-heteromorphic quality, the coda Enraged, the beak on his head began to split further and take on a new shape. Seeing this is a new awakening of his strangeness Anyway Bringing a huge wave of birds to the area. With this it is established that he can now control animals.

Note that the new chapter is the anime My Hero Academia issued in Crunchyroll.

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