NASA shows new pictures of space


Although there are already ships that travel over vast areas of space, there are some details that people still do not know, which is why science is slowly evolving. And that is the expert in this matter NASATelescope J has released new images of spaceAmes Web.

This first image was released early in the morning, looking at some galaxies that could be many years away, even using the most advanced spacecraft. And although some points may be perceived as simple stars, some of them may still be planets without discovery.

Here you can see it:

Take a look at the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the early universe, a day’s work for a web telescope. (It literally took less than a day to capture!) When we started #UnfoldTheUniverse it was the first picture posted on the web

Especially 1Special 2

That is what the administrator said NASA, Bill Nelson:

This mission has been made possible by human intelligence: NASA’s incredible web team and our international partners at the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. The web is just the beginning of what we can achieve in the future as we work together for the benefit of humanity.

It is called Space Telescope J.Ames Web It is one of the world’s leading scientific observatories. It was launched into space last year and to date it has shown great performance. Proof of this is the very detailed pictures NASA I shared this day.



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