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To render more simple requests for subscribers, the Codacons have announced the launch of a new application for smartphones.

Si chiama Sentinelle Codacons, and is the new application that has been launched to facilitate the Italian and Vita citadine. Because he owns a smartphone iOS or Android It can scarcely signify dissertations and solve problems in Italian.

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Il Codacons has launched a new application for smartphones using multiple applications. If possible, sign up or share a class action (Adobe Stock)

But not only that, it is possible to participate in ad azioni risarcitorie e class action buy and sell. An ulterior motive for the tutelage of the fundamentals of those godowns and consumables. The base is based on a simple set of signals for the city, with poochies and simple clicks.

Sentinelle Codacons, how fun and dove scaricarla

app codacons 20220503
Each of these details can be downloaded from the app and some of the applications can be downloaded in pochi and simple passages (Adobe Stock)

Grazie a Sentinelle Codacons, and if the signals are too simple to anchor. The utility can be found in any moment in the portal for problematic quali episodes of degradation, malfunctions, inefficiency varies or eventual management of public services. Come specify this page, don’t ask for more personal data. The app gives you the possibility to send signals in the manure completely free, indicating the lugo and a brewer’s description. You can also add photos, related material or vocabulary.

With every application, it is possible to consult all rassegna stampa del Codacons and give an unoccupied all class action that will take place later. In this case, the utility can be eventually shared with the tap. Proceedings of the Council of the Exchequer to facilitate the living and its consumables. There is no such thing as a simple sign, just a little bit of mano. Basta munirsi del software sul proprio disposito personal. For pottery scarlet subito Sentinelle Codacons, basta aprire il Play Store on Google In the case of Android smartphone and tap tap on download. If you come across an iPhone, the whole process will be mediated l’App Store.


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