Navigators, the mistake you don’t make while activating it, can cost you a lot



Advances in technology have led to innovations and inventions that have literally changed the habits of millions of people around the world. Almost all of us are used to entering new ways of communication, but also used to do some activities in a completely different way than before. It can be said that technology has penetrated almost everywhere and over the years it has touched all branches of society.

Surely the internet and mobile phones represent the innovations that have changed the history of humanity and our generation has been present for the continuous changes since these innovations were introduced. Communication and travel are among the activities most affected by these changes, and for some years we have all been using navigators specifically as virtual guides to where we need to go.

Choice of satellite navigator
Satellite Navigator (Canva)

Navigators represent an absolute novelty for those who move, and a great aid that has taken the place of paper maps, the famous Tutocitta For example, before the advent of technology we had to rely on.

Navigator, how to choose the right one without making a mistake

There are dedicated satellite navigators or applications on the market that can be used directly from smartphones. Other expenses This Daily Devotes an in-depth study and a guide to choosing travel companions carefully

Mobile phone battery is low
Mobile phone battery low (Canva)

Can be downloaded as Satellite Navigator Application directly on your smartphone, thanks to GPS now integrated in all samples; The same free apps are now almost always installed on mobile phones, as they are integrated System Android (Google Maps) and iOS (Apple Maps). The navigator on mobile phones, however, works with an Internet connection – especially important for updating, for example, the best routes that might encounter traffic – and goes Also use lots of batteries.

i i l Traditional Navigator Instead it is a device specifically dedicated to navigation, equipped with a GPS antenna, which locates and indicates the best route; Compared to the app, It does not stop using the mobile phone and hence does not drain the battery, And can be installed directly in the car without the need to open and close the application on the smartphone every time. Additionally, compared to mobile apps, GPS navigators are equipped with preloaded maps and They do not require an internet connection to work; Internet is only useful if you want to get real-time information about traffic.

Therefore, when you decide to use a navigator, it is first important to understand how much use we need – those who work on the road, and are often on the road or on the move, will need the best product ever. . The issue of greater expenditure is certainly worrisome Internet traffic, and cell phone batteries; In fact, dedicated navigators are usually sold equipped with a car power supply, which can be connected to a cigarette lighter socket. Finally, a tip from Altroconsumi experts: use the app on your mobile In audio only mode, Turning off the smartphone screen to reduce battery consumption.


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