Nest Hub Max, or don’t serve more than “Hey Google”: Basta guardarlo! –


An incredible innovation that points to the modification of the modes with which we interact with Google’s vocabulary assistants. Bastard infatuated a guard with Nest Hub Max to activate the assist.

Nest Hub Max, top gamma assoluto tra gli smart speaker google – 140422

When a shuffle is more than a millennium parole è è proprio the caso di dirlo! Nest Hub Max rice Provides an agreement to allow more users to access the vocabulary assistant Google – Google Assistant – simply guarding the dispositive. An incredible function that points to a much more accessible anchor, instantaneous and easy to use on top of the smart gamma accessory of the Big G.

Ma andiam con ordine: cos’è Nest Hub Max? The controls and controls of the smart home Google for excellence. Dotato di display, a unique kind of smart speaker, which is ultimately in the grades of most informative, video and quantum and, evidently, essay commands to transmit your voice. The newcomer to the show, who was watching the discussion from the disposition and the gioco è fatto.

From “Hey Google” to “Guarda e parla”: one of the functions of Nest Hub Max

"Guarda e parla"the new Google Assistant function - 140422
“Guarda e parla”, the new Google Assistant function – 140422

Not to be confused with “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, the phrases that are strategically attached to the vocabulary and video products of Big G. 9to5Google The infant scooter inside the latest beta app from Google, version 13.14, requires a description of this function. “Guarda e parla“, Thank you very much Nest Hub Max There is also a metro site with a metro and mezzo and parlor with Google Assistant.

Voice Match e Face Match Lavoreranno simultaneously, in the modes that Nest Hub Max riconosca l’utente precisely and not chiunque lo guarderà even di sfuggita. Ovviamente è una funzione che lavora sfruttando anche la fotocamera, di cui Nest Hub Max è dotato – a rare dei suoi fratelli minori. Particular attitudes are still there to count how many questions there are privacy. Since the data was taken from the photo camera, it was archived from the disposable, not even in the cloud owned by Google.

Portroppo in Italy, almano for the moment, is not possible to acquire Nest Hub Max. Alternatively, there is an excellent product Amazon con a boardo sua assistente vocale Alexaat the latest scooters all offers in Primavera:

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